Mangez c’est témoin ! #worldexpo


Every 5 years, most of the countries of the world reunite for the World Expo, to show everybody else that THEY are freaking AWESOME (and better than the neighbor, obviously)

Canada, you could have done so great ... See you in 2020 ?
Canada, you could have done so great … See you in 2020 ?

This year, the World Expo took place in Milano, and the main theme was FOOD. Yes.

So, with a hesitation of 2,5 seconds, we WENT.


Little disappointment : no free food. Which retroactively might have been a good idea to maintain some order in the ranks. Pass this point, we did take very seriously to taste EVERY FOOD available. Let’s go on a World Trip !

Bangladesh’s samosas : your 2.0 sandwich.


I’m a huge fan of samosas : you can put every left overs found in your fridge in a brick pastry sheet, and people will think you spend an afternoon busting your butt in the kitchen. One of the many Franck Abagnale Jr. of snack food. If you go to the World Expo, you can taste a traditional vegetarian samosa with :

  • Potatoes (pre boiled and mixed with cumin seeds & curry)
  • Peas
  • Carrots (pre-roasted in a pan)
  • And that’s it 🙂

Warning, microwave is a samosa killer, it will make them awfully soft. Fry them again in a pan with little oil if you have some left.

Italian Risotto, leave it to Marco


I learn the key to risotto today. Won’t be a surprise, but like every great dish, the secret is to take your time, even if there are 456 hungry persons waiting impatiently for you.

‘Cause Marco does not give a fuck.

He will slowly add the parmesan cheese, taste, add some mascarpone, taste again, fix the seasoning, taste again, and tutto piano piano. You can not wait ? Go eat your 3 minutes preparation Whooper, you peasant.

Yes Marco. Thanks Marco.

Nutella Concept Bar : Heaven is real


Nutella Concept Bar. Should I say more to convince you ? No, this hazelnut wonder doesn’t need advertising. Instead, let me introduce you to the easiest recipe of the world

Nutella Ice Cream

  • Mix the same amount of Nutella and double cream. Put in freezer. Serve as Ice Cream.

I said Easy, not Healthy

Dubaï, we are co-min-geuh
Dubaï, we are co-min-geuh

See you in 2020 in Dubaï 🙂



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