Eat the road, Jack !

Guess what ? I’m leaving !


You have been a true culinary companion over the years. A steady friend, with amazing surprises (coconut chutney, what is this delicious magic ?) and hurtful disappointments (ham and cheese in a CRÊPE. Not a galette, a CRÊPE. Great, I’m crying again).

Me when I discovered my cheese crêpe
Me when I discovered my cheese crêpe
But today, it is time to move ! Here I go, for three months, to explore the food wonders of South East Asia. Soooo, like, chopsticks ? And rice ? I’m totally prepared for this !

Of course I’ve planned my trip !

Prepared to meet, cook, eat, and collect the best food, from great people 🙂

Yes, the best things in road trips are the things that were not planned. But to keep things interesting, here a list of fun things to do I would love to brag about once back home (feel free to give me some ideas)

5 delicious countries on the menu


6 stupid but necessary goals for a foodie road trip

1/ Learn to say “Spice it up, I’m not a tourist, I leave here” in local language. Eat the food. Try to survive.

2/ Find the most DIS-GUS-TING food ever. I’m betting on worms, but I’ll let the world surprise me.

3/ Make Nutella Crêpe to someone, and let him convert Asia to this nuts wonder. You’re welcome Ferrero !

4/ Try every local cheese. Not because you are French you can not be open minded. Impress me ! #foodnazi

5/ Find best food truck ever and work there for one day. Discover the secret of its recipe. Become rich.

6/ Update this blog, weekly at least, with all the discipline I don’t have.

I volunteer as tribute !

See you in 19 hours guys !


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