The Tree House of Ko Lanta

Every normal child has someday dreamed of His own tree fort.

To begin this 3 months adventure, we were looking for a remote island where we would be able to rest from years of hard labour (hum..). The bags were packed, and the schedule for the week was tight : nothing, nothingish, nothingness.

And then we arrived to this. Years later, my tree fort finally burst alive and it was magnificient.


Humble room
Our neighbors


The most important spot
As roomates, we are blessed with 2 Germans, 2 Americans, 12 cats, 45 chickens and 156 geckos. Like a weirdly thought Noah’s ark.

We immediatly decided to quit on the occidental way of life and go on as happy and humble fishermen.


Our one catch of the day 🙂
Despite our amazing fishing skills, it is with shame that we’ve eventually headed to the first beer-and-wifi, like the good old tourists we are.


Our basecamp
But let’s get down to business.

Thaï food is good (wow so insighful and out of the box informatioooon #dodgelife). And though we had still plenty of nothing to do, we glady accepted our week mission : discover why thaï food tastes like thaï food (#dodgelife again, I know)


Winston keeps it real
First stop, the local market. 


Local market in Lanta Town
The secrets ingredients we’ve identified so far : coriandre, ginger and citronnelle. 

First, apéro !

Our first home made meal in our kitchen 🙂 

He knows the reward is beer


The chilis we’re gonna regret
Verdict : it was good, it was healthy … but it did not tasted like Thaï food. We can’t do this mission on our own, OSS118. We need the help of a local agent !

The foodvengers team 🙂

To be continued 🙂


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