Mon’s commando cooking class

We were warned. Mon’s cooking class is not like the other, where everything is neatly prepared and precut for you. This is what cuisine should be about. This is amazing. This is messy. This is war my friends.

As the ingredients and cooking were endlessly piling up on our kitchen table, we knew some serious cooking shit were about to take place.

I called that commando class because we cooked FOR 5 HOURS roughly the amount of sport activities I did for the last 5 months.

But it was the only military thing like. In normal cooking class, you don’t have beer / cigarette break between each dish.

But “fuck normal cooking class” 🙂


Mon, the kitchen warrior

Turns out we were completely wrong about thaï cuisine. The main ingredients according to our chef are garlic, chili and fish sauce.

Aaaaaaaand some really weird stuffs like a vegetable named “fak”

What the Fak ?


Spice up my salad !


You’ll need cucumber, carot, tomatoe, chili, lime, peanuts, palm sugar, papaya, long beans, shallott


The key to the papaya salad “thaï style” is you have to grind roughtly the ingredients together in a “mortar”. It will delicatly liberate every flavor.


Grind grind grind !

If you don’t have papaya at hand, or you don’t want to make Monoprix richer by 56€ for a fruit, you can replace it by whatever strong fruit you like, like apple.


The master piece in action


The unique thaï style sauce to top it off : palm sugar, lime, garlic, peanuts and of course, CHILI

Chili, let me do a little aparté about chili. What you think is HOT in the western world is what they give their new born.

I don’t know what these people are made off, but if we ever got to war, spice will be our doom. They’ll just have secretly switch our food intakes and watch us burn like barbecues.



Just fry me in a pan and be amazed

A simple dish, with chicken, eggs, coriander, garlic, mint, shallott and whatever you fancy. No foodnazi here, put the herbs you like !


Like coriander, lemongrass, lime, onions …

But the true quality of this dish is its therapy effect since you have to SMASH the chicken with your knife, again and again to turn it into mash. So if you had a hard day, think about your husband, motherlaw or child (no judging here) and get the party started !


Smash that, gimma some more


Seafood party !


Hi beautiful

One bet me to eat the eye of this lovely créature. I did.

This is total show off. No sane individual would willingly want to eat a squid eye. But tied by my 3rd rule, I had little choice.

Well it was … Salty, would not recommand it as an appetizer but definetly has some bad ass effect on people.


For a real meal, eat veryfresh with glass noodles and vegetables


How to make coconut milk.

It´s sunday. It’s rainy. You are bored and looking for an original activity that you’ll bust about monday at coffee break. Search no more.


I had these AWESOME videos, but thaï Internet being what it is … enjoy this mouseonut !

First you need to find a coconut and a machete (easy peasy).

Then, collect the coconut inside, mix it with water, press and BANG ! Ça fait des chocapics !

The difference between home made coconut milk and industrial coconut milk is … How do I French this … The same as comparing Villageoise and St Emilion. Grosso Merdo.

At the end, we made4 dishes and had enough food to go under a siege. We WILL feed you with everything we learn when we get back, so be prepared. 

Little advertising : this AirBnB is the best we ever tried so far and this cooking class was the funniest, most interesting that I ever experienced. Thanks Maayan and Mon for everything. So if you ever go to Ko Lanta, you dont have a choice : go THERE 🙂 

Now, to Ko Phi Phi !


Every little things, gonna be alriiiiight



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